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Having a single optical input, this camera system comprises a image splitter unit, four intensified CCD camera modules with fast switchable MCP image intensifiers and high resolution CCD image sensors. Each module with its 12 bit dynamic range and a high resolution CCD image sensor features an excellent signal-to-noise-ratio and the a bility of single photon detection. Four high speed serial fiber optic data links connect the system to the PC. It can be triggered externally by light or electrical input.

MCP diameter depends on photocathode material. The new GaAs- and GaAsP-MCPs are only available with a diameter of 18 mm while all others have 25 mm!

  • four channel MCP-image intensifier camera
  • fast shutter down to 3 ns
  • excellent system sensitivity of the system allows single photon detection
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • ultra fast recording of up to 4 full resolution images with 1 ns interframing time, in double mode 8 frames

Areas of Application

  • hypervelocity impact studies
  • ultrasonic flame propagation
  • laser ablation
  • sparks in electrical switches
  • short time physics


Spectral sensitivities of MCP photocathode materials: S25 (extended red multialkali – purple), S20 (multialkali – green), GaAs (red), GaAsP (blue).

High speed imaging of an exploding Titanium wire. The purpose was the estimation of the temporal evolution of the plasma.

Unit Setpoint hsfc pro unit
resolution (hor x ver) pixel 1280 x 1024
pixel size (hor x ver) µm2 6,7 x 6,7
peak quantum efficiency % depends on photocathode material
dynamic range A/D bit 12
readout noise e-rms @ 12,5 MHz 7 .. 8
imaging frequency, frame rate fps @ full frame 8
exposure time s 3 ns .. 1000 s
binning horizontal pixel 1, 2, 4, 8
binning vertical pixel 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32
optical input Nikon f-mount, others on request
data interface PCI local bus, Rev. 2.1
cooled CCD temperature °C -12
interframing time ns 500
photocathode material S20, S25, GaAs, GaAsP, others on request
phosphor screen material P43, P46

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