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This high resolution 14bit cooled CCD camera system comprises advanced CCD and electronics technology. With the new approach to integrate the image memory (camRAM) into the camera itself, it enables unmatched fast image recording with 128MB/s. The system features thermo-electrical cooling (delta vs. ambient -45°C), a superior high resolution (4008 x 2672pixel) and low noise (down to 12e- rms). It consists of a compact camera with an external intelligent power supply. The image data are transferred via customer selectable standard data interfaces to a computer (IEEE 1394 (“firewire“), camera link). The available exposure times range from 5 µs to 49days. This cooled digital CCD camera system is perfectly suited for low light and high resolution camera applications, like microscopy, aerial photography or quality control. Color and monochrome image sensors are available.


Key Features

  • resolution (4008 x 2672pixel)
  • cooled 14bit dynamic range
  • image rate of 5 fps @ full resolution
  • low noise of 11 e- rms @ 8MHz
  • thermoelectrical cooling of delta -45°C vs. ambient
  • image memory in camera (camRAM up to 4GB)
  • standard interfaces (IEEE1394, camera link, GigE Vision)


Technical Data

  Unit Setpoint pco.4000
resolution (hor x ver) pixel 4008 x 2672
pixel size (hor x ver) µm2 9,0 x 9,0
dynamic range A/D bit 14
readout noise e-rms @ 8 MHz 11
imaging frequency, frame rate fps @ full frame 5,0
exposure time s 5 µs .. 49 days
binning horizontal 1, 2
binning vertical 1, 2, 4, 8
optical input Nikon f-mount
data interface IEEE1394, camera link, GigE Vision
cooled CCD temperature °C delta vs. ambient -45

QE Curves

Quantum efficiency curves of the pco.4000 monochrome CCD image sensor (measured and supplied by Kodak).

Quantum efficiency curves of the pco.4000 color CCD image sensor (measured and supplied by Kodak).

Areas of Application

  • laser induced fluorescence
  • high resolution microscopy
  • luminescence microscopy
  • electron microscopy
  • fluorescence spectroscopy (up to NIR)
  • bioluminescence / chemoluminescence
  • low light level imaging
  • imaging of bio markers (e.g. GFP)
  • time-resolved spectroscopy
  • spray imaging
  • fuel injection
  • hydrodynamics
  • fluoresc. lifetime imaging & imaging microsc. (FLIM)
  • absorption & luminescence spectroscopy
  • gel imaging
  • electrophoresis
  • astronomy
  • ion imaging
  • particle imaging velocimetry (PIV)
  • combustion imaging
  • scientific imaging
  • aerial photography
  • fluorescence imaging
  • semiconductor quality control
  • flow visualization
  • traffic control

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