hsfc pro

hsfc pro
gateable MCP image intensifier for ultra short exposure times

The optical input of this camera system comprised of an optical beam splitter, fast switchable 25 mm MPC image intensifiers and high resolution CCD sensors. Each module has a 12 bit dynamic range offering an excellent signal-to-noise-ratio and the ability of single photon detection. Four proprietary high speed serial fiber optic data links connect the system to the computer. The high-precision triggering with a latency of 45 ms can be performed by light or electrical input. To optimally cover the spectral range between 200 and 900 nm, four different photocathode materials are available.

Key Features

  • four channel MCP-image intensifier camera
  • fast shutter down to 3 ns
  • excellent system sensitivity of the system allows single photon detection
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • ultra fast recording of up to 4 full resolution images with 1 ns interframing time, in double mode 8 frames

QE Curves

Spectral sensitivities of MCP photocathode materials: S25 (extended red multialkali – purple), S20 (multialkali – green), GaAs (red), GaAsP (blue) …with friendly permission of Hamamatsu Photonics, Herrsching, Germany

  • hypervelocity impact studies
  • ultrasonic flame propagation
  • laser ablation
  • sparks in electrical switches
  • short time physics