NAC Memrecam GX-ir

NAC Memrecam GX-ir



NAC’s Memrecam GX-ir expands the Memrecam family to accommodate users who are looking for a high speed camera system with extended spectral response, previously unobtainable from commercial quality high-speed cameras. The Memrecam GX-ir has an ISO rating of 20,000 and is perfect for a variety of application where light sources in the 250nm to 1100nm spectrum are used.

System Features:

  • Superior Light Sensitivity: >20,000 ISO
  • High Resolution: Mega pixel resolution up to 3,600 frames
  • Adjustable Frame Rates beginning at 50fps 1fps increments (maximum frame rate varies with model)
  • Electronic shutter: OPEN to .5 micro second
  • Supports Nikon’s new AF-G Lenses
  • Selectable Bit Density: 12 bits / 10 bits / 8 bits (extends recording) STANDARD
  • Variable Region of Interest with Continuously adjustable resolution in 16 x 4 pixel increments
  • Gigabit Ethernet Laptop Friendly Interface
  • Continuous Live Video Output (NTSC / PAL) during setup and recording
  • Auto Exposure Control
  • Dynamic Range Expansion Shutter (pixel level shuttering)
  • Versatile Recording: Burst-Trigger, Multi-Trigger and Event-Trigger Modes
  • Memory Segment with automatic segment change capability
  • External Sync Recording
  • IRIG-B Timing Capture and Synchronization with Phase Shift
  • Built-in Memory Backup
  • USB2 for direct download to external storage (HDD, Flash Memory Card, etc.)
  • Convenient functions for FOV setting: Low Light Mode, Fiducial Mark

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