i-Speed FS


High-Speed Video Cameras

i-SPEED FS has been designed by Olympus predominantly for the Ballistics market and was developed as a result of direct customer feedback. Incorporating all of the features of the i-SPEED 3 camera which have made it such a success the i-SPEED FS also benefits from a recording rate of upto 1 million frames per second and an electronic global shutter of 200 nanoseconds.

Further unique features:

  • Inclusion of onboard IRIG-B time coding with a sub 5 microsecond accuracy (-10 to +50 degrees C)
  • Random Snapshot mode to enable the camera to take a single frame whenever it receives a sync pulse, with no minimum time between pulses and no regular pulse pattern or frequency
  • Security Secure – once powered down video data is not retained in camera memory
  • HiG units rated to 100G available where shock wave damage may be a concern
  • HiG lense protection mounts available where shock wave damage may be a concern
  • Automatic electronic Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) correction unique to each camera on power-up, negating requirement for a mechanical shutter
  • Individual camera naming for easy recognition and identification when multiple cameras controlled via a P.C. network

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i-Speed FS Specification Sheet Download