HyperVision HPV-2

Offering ultra high-speed recording at 1 million frames per second and high resolution at all recording speeds, Shimadzu’s HPV-2 High-Speed Video Camera, building on the technology of the HPV-1, offers a number of enhancements, such as synchronized recording and remote operation, to enable more powerful recording. The HPV-2 can be used in a wide range of applications that require high-speed recording, such as the development of advanced technologies and products, defect cause analysis, scientific, engineering, or medical research, improvement of manufacturing technologies, and sports science.

HPV-2 can capture a wide range of high-speed Features

Multi-camera synchronized recording

Analyze a phenomenon in more detail with synchronized recording functionality for up to 4 cameras from one computer. Accurate, synchronized recording can now be performed from three different directions.

Ultra-high-speed recording of up to one million frames per second.

This newly developed IS-CCD*1 achieves ultra-fast recording speeds of up to one million fps. *1 The IS-CCD is Shimadzu’s unique CCD with image storage incorporated into the sensor chip to permit high-speed image recording. * Patent pending. This product’s IS-CCD image sensor was jointly developed in collaboration with Professor Takeharu Etoh of Kinki University.

Ultra-high-speed and high spatial resolution

With a conventional high-speed video camera, spatial resolution drops off as recording speed is increased. However, spatial resolution of the HPV-2 does not deteriorate, even at high frame rates. The camera maintains excellent 312 x 260-pixel resolution at all recording speeds permitting detailed analysis of high-speed phenomena. phenomena with the high sensitivity CCD.

A highly sensitive image sensor is essential to capture ultra-high-speed images using extremely short exposure times. The IS-CCD incorporates a high-sensitivity design that expands the light sensitive area per pixel to handle recording of a variety of high-speed phenomena.

Remote operation

The separate controller unit has been eliminated to allow controlling the camera via USB 2.0 connection to a laptop computer. Users can remotely confirm the image being recorded, helping to ensure reliable imaging.

Additionally, this setup makes it more compact and easier to carry, set up, and prepare for recording

Model HyperVision HPV-2
Recording method IS-CCD image sensor
Resolution 312 (horizontal) x 260 (vertical) pixels
Frame storage 100 frames
Lens mount Nikon F mount
Color, gradations Monochrome, 10 bits
Recording speed 30 fps to 1,000,000 fps
Exposure time 1/2,1/4,1/8 x recording period
External trigger input TTL (positive/negative), switch closure
Trigger mode Set trigger point at any desired frame
Recording format 10-bit dedicated format, BMP, TIFF, AVI
I/O ports Ethernet, USB2.0

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